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FC Barcelona Tickets

It’s every football fan’s dream to attend a match of FC Barcelona. Therefore, I recommend checking the schedule to see if there’s a match at Camp Nou during your stay in Barcelona and arranging tickets beforehand. This way, you can fully enjoy the magic of this football Mecca. Below, you’ll find all the information about how to buy tickets for FC Barcelona, the average prices, the best seats, and various useful tips to turn your dream into reality.

Note: In the 2023-2024 season, FC Barcelona will not play in Camp Nou but in the Olympic Stadium on Montjuïc due to major renovation work. The FC Barcelona museum will also temporarily relocate to the Palau de Gel (Ice Palace), a short distance from the current Camp Nou.

What Do FC Barcelona Tickets Cost?

Ticket prices for FC Barcelona can vary greatly. Prices differ depending on the type of match and your seat in the stadium.

Matches against less prominent clubs are generally cheaper than against top clubs.

Champions League and Copa del Rey matches are usually held on weekdays and generally have cheaper tickets than average La Liga matches.

A derby, like when Barça plays against RCD Espanyol or Real Madrid, can quickly exceed €100 per ticket. For other matches, prices typically range from €50 to €80.

While prices fluctuate depending on the match, it’s always cheaper to sit in the highest tier of Camp Nou or right behind the goal. In these areas, you can find tickets for €30 or less.

However, prices for these seats can rise quickly for big matches.

So, check all options when buying tickets for a match to get a good deal.

In summary, the average prices for an FC Barcelona match are as follows:

  • Less significant matches: €30 – €70
  • Average match: €50 – €80
  • Derbies against Real Madrid or Espanyol: €100 – €200

Where Can You Buy FC Barcelona Tickets?

Tickets for FC Barcelona can be purchased in two ways: online in advance or on the spot. Below are your options:

  • Online via the official site: The official site makes it easy to arrange tickets for FC Barcelona matches. With your proof of purchase, you can collect your tickets at the counters at Camp Nou on the match day. Identification is required, and tickets can only be purchased with a credit card. However, you need to be lucky to find availability during your visit.
  • On the spot at Camp Nou: If you decide to go to a match at the last minute, you can also get tickets at the counters in the stadium, though it can be busy for certain matches. Ticket touts also sell FC Barcelona tickets outside the entrance, but you will pay much more than the normal price and risk buying fake tickets. Tip: on non-match days from November to March, the counters at entrance 9 in Camp Nou are open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:30, and on Sunday from 10:00 to 14:15.
  • In Barcelona: You can also buy tickets for FC Barcelona in the city itself, for example, at the official FC Barcelona stores near Sagrada Família and on Plaça Catalunya.

Where Is the Best Place to Sit at FC Barcelona?

Once you’ve decided to go to an FC Barcelona match, you might wonder where the best place in Camp Nou is to sit. Generally, the best seats are also the most expensive, or they are already occupied by socios (club members), but some spots in the stadium are often still available for a good price. Here are my favorites:

  • Lateral (on the side of Carrer Maternitat): On the second long side (the top two rows of seats in Category 1 Premium), you have a nice view of the game and see the players from a relatively close distance. Across from you are the seats from where you can read “FC BARCELONA”. Prices for these spots aren’t the cheapest but also not the most expensive, and you can enjoy the match well from here. If old men with a radio on their ear sit next to you, then you know for sure: you’re sitting next to a real Barça supporter! Generally, this is my all-time favorite seat in Camp Nou.
  • Gol Sur (on the side of Travessera de les Corts): This is the supporters’ area, traditionally the hardcore fans. But if you go for the cheapest seats, then you end up in the highest tier (see Category 3), where this is less noticeable. However, the view over the stadium with the Tibidabo mountain in the background is breathtaking from up here.
  • Gol Nord (on the side of Av. Joan XXIII): The upper ring at Gol Nord (or Norte in Spanish) is also a good option when you want cheap tickets for the match (see Category 3) and don’t necessarily want to sit among the hardcore fans. You sit quite high up, so you’ll barely see the players. Try to switch seats if you find it too high once the match has started.

If you want to see the players, you can of course choose the seats behind the goal or along the side.

Note: In the 2023-2024 season, FC Barcelona will not play in Camp Nou but in the Olympic Stadium on Montjuïc due to major renovation work. The FC Barcelona museum will also temporarily relocate to the Palau de Gel (Ice Palace), a short distance from the current Camp Nou.

Camp Nou Stadium Map
Camp Nou Stadium Seat Map

Note: For popular matches, the demand for tickets can be high, making it very difficult to find seats close together. The club depends on its members, who offer their seats for sale when they cannot attend the match. Often, they put only a few seats up for sale, which can make it difficult for large groups to sit together. However, once the match has started and if no one else shows up, some people do change seats to get better spots or to be together.

Buying Tickets for FC Barcelona: Tips & Tricks

  • Football matches can unexpectedly change in date and time. Keep this in mind when booking your tickets.
  • Do not trust sellers and touts outside the stadium. Make your reservation online or buy tickets from the official addresses mentioned above to ensure you see the match.
  • Are you a Barça socio? Then you get priority in buying tickets and enjoy special discounts. You can often invite friends to watch the match with you at a reduced rate.
  • Just because a match is sold out doesn’t mean there are no seats left; on the contrary, members can release their seats for sale, so tickets for FC Barcelona matches are replenished daily. Keep an eye on the sites where you can buy tickets!
  • If you’re only going to Barcelona for a match, it’s highly recommended to book a football trip. With a football trip, you simultaneously reserve tickets for the match, a hotel near Camp Nou, and flight tickets at a very reasonable price.
  • People with limited mobility are also welcome at a Barça match. Contact the Specialised Care Office (OAE), a team of specialists who assist the disabled during matches. You can do this by sending an email to oae@fcbarcelona.cat between 7 and 4 days before the match.
  • Camp Nou is located in a residential area outside the center of Barcelona. Since FC Barcelona matches attract many supporters and people, it’s especially busy in and around the stadium, at metro entrances, and taxi stands after the match. If you want to avoid this crowd and be sure of transportation, book a taxi in advance for the match you will attend.