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Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo amusement park, known locally as Parc d’atraccions del Tibidabo, is situated atop Tibidabo Mountain and is a favorite spot for children in Barcelona. At this amusement park, they can enjoy various activities such as laughing at funhouse mirrors, spinning on the Ferris wheel, or racing in bumper cars. The park also features thrilling rides like the Hurakan, Talaia, and the spooky Hotel Krüeger haunted house. With suitable attractions for every age group, combined with a stunning panoramic view over Barcelona, Tibidabo offers all the ingredients for a full day of family fun!

What to See and Do at Tibidabo Amusement Park

Perched over 500 meters above sea level, Tibidabo amusement park is a unique location. This century-old park has something to offer every family member: from roller coasters and Ferris wheels to bumper cars and haunted houses. There are numerous attractions to discover, fantastic shows to attend, and various facilities like restaurants and picnic spots. Just wandering through the park is an experience in itself. The park is divided into different areas and has a beautiful walking path named Sky Walk with plenty of scenic viewpoints.

Tibidabo Amusement Park
Tibidabo Amusement Park

Attractions and Shows

Tibidabo Amusement Park offers more than 25 attractions suitable for all ages, both indoor and outdoor. Don’t expect heart-racing rides, but rather family-friendly attractions, some of which date back to the early years of the park! Enjoy magical moments with your family or visit with friends for a day full of fun. Some of the most beautiful and iconic attractions at Tibidabo amusement park include:

  • Girabado: The famous Ferris wheel offering panoramic views of Barcelona.
  • Talaia: For those unafraid of heights, this attraction takes you up to 550 meters above sea level.
  • Carrousel: This classic carousel takes children on a journey to fairyland.
  • Avió: Tibidabo’s most emblematic attraction, a replica of the first airplane model that flew between Barcelona and Madrid, offering air rides to visitors since 1928.
  • Diavolo: Another classic in the park, these flying chairs give you the feeling of soaring over the city.
  • L’Embruixabruixes: Embark on a thrilling ride through the world of witches and wizards, filled with surprises like sudden sounds, strong scents, and dazzling lights.
  • Marionetarium: For the little ones, the puppet shows at the Marionetarium are highly recommended.
  • Museu d’Autòmats: The automatons museum houses an interesting collection of over 40 types of automata from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Miramiralls: A unique exhibition of funhouse mirrors and impressive kaleidoscopes.
  • Bumper Cars: Various bumper cars are available for different age groups: Crash Cars for children over 1.40 meters and Zoochok for smaller children (90 cm to 1.40 meters).
  • Hotel Krüeger: One of the park’s most thrilling attractions, this haunted house is filled with dozens of scary characters.
  • Alaska: A water roller coaster surrounded by penguins, a polar bear, and an igloo, perfect for small children.
  • Piratta: Board this pirate ship for a sea-faring adventure.
  • Muntanya Russa: The park’s roller coaster offers a dizzying ride with a panoramic view of the city.
  • La Mina d’Or: A splashy water ride.
  • Hurakan: For the brave, experience the sensation of spinning 360 degrees at incredible speeds.
  • Tibidabo Express: Enjoy a fun train ride through the park.
  • Castell Misteriós: Explore the secrets and surprises of this castle and feel like a medieval squire.
Tibidabo Attractions

The park provides maps and brochures with all park information. Each attraction indicates a minimum height requirement for safety and age-appropriateness. Popular attractions, especially on weekends and holidays, may have long lines.

Be mindful of the park’s closing time, as the queues for the return trip on the Cuca de la Llum can also be quite long.

Naturally, the Tibidabo amusement park includes a souvenir shop and various visitor facilities like restaurants.

Tibidabo’s Panoramic Area

The so-called Panoramic Arena (formerly known as ‘Sky Walk’ or ‘El Camí del Cel’) is a pleasant walking promenade running through the upper part of the park, which can be visited completely free of charge.

The Panoramic Area stretches from Plaça del Tibidabo to the Gran Hotel La Florida. This walking path is accessible from both sides and offers not only numerous beautiful viewpoints but also fun playgrounds with slides, various picnic spots, and access to some of the most emblematic attractions of the amusement park (like the Giradabo, Talaia, Carrousel, or Avió)!

If desired, you can buy separate tickets to access these attractions, which is much cheaper compared to a day pass. A single ride costs €2, and you can purchase it at the ticket counter or the ticket machine on-site. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a day pass for access to all attractions in the Panoramic Area, which costs only €19 per person (€10.50 for children).

The Tibidabo Panoramic Area is also open daily, but the attractions follow the same schedule as the amusement park.

Tibidabo Sky Walk Barcelona
Tibidabo Sky Walk

Exceptional Views

In addition to the fun attractions of the amusement park, Tibidabo, especially the Sky Walk or Panoramic Area, offers some of the best views over Barcelona. So, bring your camera and enjoy a grand view of the city and the surrounding areas, as you’ll see not only Barcelona but also several towns from Baix Llobregat, El Maresme, and El Vallès!

Tibidabo views
Tibidabo views

History of Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo amusement park was the dream of Salvador Andreu, an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, real estate developer, and Catalan philanthropist. His success in business allowed him to invest in real estate during a time when Barcelona was developing rapidly beyond its old city walls. Among other purchases, he bought a piece of land on Tibidabo Mountain and was one of the initiators of the Tibidabo cable car and the Tramvia Blau. Together with other entrepreneurs, he founded the Tibidabo amusement park in 1899 under the name “Tibidabo S.A.,” aiming to create a recreational area for the residents of Barcelona.

The official opening of the amusement park was on October 29, 1901. It became the first amusement park in Spain and the second oldest in Europe. Over the years, more and more impressive attractions have been added to the park, making it still a popular place to go with children. The Tibidabo amusement park remains a true children’s paradise and the reason why Tibidabo Mountain is colloquially known as ‘la muntanya màgica’ (the ‘magical mountain’).

Tickets for Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tickets for the Tibidabo amusement park can be easily ordered online, often saving a significant amount of money! Plus, you won’t have to queue at the ticket office. See below for the various options available.

If you’re planning a full day of fun at Tibidabo amusement park with your family, it’s advisable to purchase your entrance tickets in advance to avoid long queues. These tickets give you access to all attractions in the amusement park, including tickets for the Cuca de la Llum and the Panoramic Area. The voucher received upon purchasing the park tickets must be printed and handed in at the park’s ticket desk.

Note: Transport to the amusement park is not included.

Tibidabo Amusement Park without Tickets

If you find the amusement park prices too high, you can alternatively buy individual tickets on-site for a few of the fairground attractions located outside the park gates, such as the Ferris wheel, carousel, or the historic airplane. A pass for these attractions costs €19 (€10.15 for children between 90 and 120 cm).

You can then walk along the Sky Walk promenade, which is free and offers beautiful viewpoints over Barcelona.

Note: Once at the top of the mountain, it might be challenging to convince the children that it’s unnecessary to buy a day pass to enter the amusement park!

How to Get to Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo amusement park is located on the namesake mountain and can be reached in various ways, both by private vehicle and public transport. However, given the distance and steep roads to Tibidabo, walking is not an option, especially if you are with children.

By Public Transport to Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo amusement park can be reached by multiple buses: the Tibibus T2A (boarding place at Estació del Nord), Tibibus T2B (Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 138-176), and Tibibus T2C (Plaça Kennedy). The buses depart every 20 or 30 minutes and take you to the amusement park in just 30-40 minutes. These buses take city visitors to the high-altitude Plaça Doctor Andreu, where you can board the Funicular del Tibidabo (Cuca de la Llum).

Of course, you can also reach the boarding point of the Cuca de la Llum independently, for example, by walking from Av. Tibidabo (L7) metro station to Plaça del Doctor Andreu or taking bus 196.

From Plaça del Doctor Andreu, the Funicular del Tibidabo, known as Cuca de la Llum, departs. This ultra-modern cable railway takes you to the top of the mountain, where the amusement park is located, in just 3 minutes. Along the way, visitors enjoy a wide view over Barcelona.

Note that these transportation options are only available when the amusement park is open.

If you have purchased entrance tickets for the Tibidabo amusement park, the ride with the Tibibus (€3) and the Cuca de la Llum (€12) is free.

By Car to Tibidabo Amusement Park

If you come by car, you have two options for parking: you can park on the outskirts of the city and then switch to the Tibibus T2B bus to Tibidabo Mountain and the Cuca de la Llum, or you can park in a parking garage near the amusement park. The latter is more expensive and you miss the experience of traveling with the Cuca de la Llum, but it’s faster.

  • Parking near the amusement park (Camí de Vallvidrera al Tibidabo, 45): day ticket €13
  • Parking at B:SM Sant Genís parking garage (Passeig de la Vall d’Hebron, 138-176): day ticket €4.20

What is the Best Route to Tibidabo Amusement Park?

  • From Plaça Catalunya (center): Take the FGC city trains from Catalunya to Avinguda Tibidabo (L7) and switch there to bus line 196 and then to the Cuca de la Llum. Another (and faster) option is to use the Tibibus T2C at Plaça Kennedy.
  • From Las Ramblas (Gothic Quarter): Take metro L3 from Liceu (L3) or Drassanes (L3) to Catalunya (L3) and switch to the FGC city trains to take the L7 line to Avinguda Tibidabo (L7). Switch there to bus line 196 or Tibibus T2C and then take the Cuca de la Llum.
  • From Sagrada Família: Take metro L5 from Sagrada Família (L5) to Diagonal (L5) and switch at Provença to take the L7 line to Avinguda Tibidabo (L7). Switch there to bus line 196 or Tibibus T2C and then take the Cuca de la Llum.
  • From La Barceloneta (beach): Take metro L4 from Barceloneta (L4) to Urquinaona (L4) and walk the short distance between Plaça Urquinaona and Plaça Catalunya. Once there, take the FGC city trains from Catalunya to Avinguda Tibidabo (L7) and switch there to bus line 196 or Tibibus T2C and then to the Cuca de la Llum.
Useful information

Price: Amusement park tickets start from €35 per person, including round-trip tickets for the Cuca de la Llum (€14 for children shorter than 1.20 meters and free for children under 90 cm). Discounts are available for Barcelona Card holders, people with disabilities, and retirees.

The Tibidabo Panoramic Area is free. A pass for only the attractions of the Panoramic Area costs €19, including round-trip tickets for the Cuca de la Llum (€10.50 for children).

Opening Hours: Weekends in March (12:00-19:00), April (12:00-20:00), May and June (12:00-21:00), September (12:00-22:00), October (12:00-21:00), November and December (11:00-18:00). Open in July from Wednesday to Sunday (11:00-21:00) and in August every day (11:00-23:00). Additional opening hours during the Christmas holidays and public holidays. For more information on opening hours, click here.

Address: Plaça Tibidabo, 3-4 08035 Barcelona

Public Transport:

Metro: Av. Tibidabo (L7)

Bus: 196, Tibibus

Cable Car: Funicular del Tibidabo (Cuca de la Llum)