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Barcelona Plazas & Streets

Barcelona is dotted with charming squares and lively shopping streets, or as we call them in Catalan: places i carrers. Some streets are world-famous, while others are known only to locals. Some squares are small and intimate, while others are large and bustling. But one thing is certain: they are all interesting and definitely worth a visit!

Important Streets in Barcelona

The best way to really get to know Barcelona is by walking through its streets. Some streets (like Las Ramblas or Passeig de Gràcia) are world-famous. Others are necessary for maneuvering through the city, such as Avinguda Diagonal, Avinguda Meridiana, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, or Las Rondas. Other streets are characteristic of a neighborhood, like Rambla del Raval, Passeig del Born, Rambla del Poblenou, and Ronda de Sant Antoni.

Portal de l'Àngel - Straten Barcelona

Portal de l’Àngel

Avinguda Diagonal

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The Most Beautiful Plazas in Barcelona

The squares in Barcelona are generally very lively places where locals and neighborhood residents meet, chat on a bench, read the newspaper, or have a beer on the terrace, while children play on the square and dogs are walked.

On special days, such as during neighborhood festivals, celebrations are held: people dance the sardana, concerts are performed, markets are organized, and castells (human towers) are built, along with various activities for all ages.

Below is an overview of the most beautiful plazas in Barcelona that are worth visiting.

1. Plaça de Catalunya

One of the largest intersections and meeting places for many Barcelonians is Plaça Catalunya. You will undoubtedly pass by Plaça Catalunya at some point. Take the time to realize how many people walk by here daily and what this beautiful square has to offer. In the center of the oval square, you’ll find benches, fountains, and trees.

2. Plaça Universitat

Plaça Universitat is a meeting point for many young people studying at the adjacent Universitat de Barcelona. You’ll often see skaters and artistic people here. You can have a drink on this square at one of the many bars. Also, visit the university building, with an old library, beautiful and soothing inner gardens, and richly decorated halls.

3. Plaça Nova

Where Plaça Nova is now is the place where the old Roman city of Barcino was born. Here you’ll find, beside the old entrance gate, the letters spelling out ‘Barcino’. You can also see a part of the old Roman aqueduct. This square frequently hosts antique markets or sardana dance performances. Next to Plaça Nova is the Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona.

4. Plaça Reial

Plaça Reial is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in Barcelona. Not for nothing was it the favorite square of Johan Cruyff, as he once mentioned in an interview. The characteristic arches of Plaça Reial, the yellow buildings, the palm trees, and the large fountain in the middle of the square, the Font de les Tres Gràcies, make it a very special place.

5. Plaça de la Vila de Madrid

Plaça de la Vila de Madrid is very close to the Ramblas and Plaça de Catalunya and is definitely worth seeing. Surrounded by trees and buildings with elegant facades, you’ll find the main cemetery of the Roman Barcino. Thus, this small space in the Ciutat Vella district reveals the Roman past of Barcelona.

6. Plaça del Pi

One of the most beloved spots for artists and bohemians is Plaça del Pi. This square is dominated by the church of Santa Maria del Pi. Art and craft markets are also regularly held at Plaça del Pi. Next to the imposing church, this square also houses the home of the Gremio de los Tendedores Revendedores, dating from 1685.

7. Plaça del Rei

Plaça del Rei is one of the most beautiful parts of old Barcelona. This square is surrounded by Gothic buildings, with the former Royal Palace as a highlight. The name ‘Plaça del Rei’ means ‘King’s Square’ for a reason. In the Middle Ages, some of the city’s most important buildings stood next to the Palau Reial on this majestic square.

8. Plaça de Sant Jaume

In Roman times, this was already the location of government buildings. Now, the Palau de la Generalitat (of the Catalan government) and the city hall stand here. This square was the site of several important events in Catalan history. On Sunday evenings, people gather here to dance the sardana.

9. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

The small and intimate square of Sant Felip Neri harbors one of the most tragic events of the Spanish Civil War. On January 30, 1938, the church of Sant Felip Neri was bombed by the Franco regime. 42 people, mainly children, were victims. The damaged walls are remnants of the horrific acts.

10. Plaça de Santa Maria

On a former cemetery now stands the Plaça de Santa Maria, in front of the Gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar. On the square, you’ll find several terraces where you can eat or drink. Also notable are the painted walls of some of the facades. On the right side of the church is the old cemetery Fossar de les Moreres.

11. Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia

In the Gràcia district, you’ll find this beautiful square, known for its tall bell tower. The bell tower of Plaça de la Vila is also sometimes called the campanari de Gràcia (‘Gràcia’s bell’). This square now houses the village hall and numerous bars and terraces for a cozy and relaxing evening.

12. Plaça Espanya

One of the busiest squares is Plaça d’Espanya. It is located at the foot of Montjuïc, where you also find Font Magica. Here is the old bullfighting arena Las Arenas, now converted into a brand-new shopping center. Also, in the middle of this busy traffic square, there is a fountain and an imposing monument by Josep Maria Jujol.

13. Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes

The most modern side of Barcelona is seen at Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, next to the new district of 22@, Barcelona’s tech hub. The main attractions of Plaça de les Glòries are Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar, the nearby Glòries shopping center, and Barcelona’s flea market Encants Vells. If you want to relax for a while, you can do so perfectly on the large green esplanade in the middle of the square. There’s also a fantastic playground for children with exciting slides.

14. Plaça del Doctor Andreu

For those seeking romance, head to Plaça del Doctor Andreu on the Tibidabo mountain. Here you will find one of the most beautiful views of the city, and at the famous bar-restaurant Mirablau, you can enjoy the lovely view while eating something delicious. This is not for nothing the place where couples from Barcelona go for a romantic evening.

15. Plaça del Sol

One of the most famous and lively squares in Gràcia, where young people like to hang out and make music, but where there are also numerous tapas bars and terraces. The modernist green building on the corner with Carrer de la Virtut is the biggest attraction. Be sure to try the tapas from the local bar Sol Soler.

Hidden Gems in Barcelona

In addition to all the large and famous squares, Barcelona has numerous undiscovered and atmospheric squares where you can best experience the Barcelona of the locals. Here, neighborhood residents come to relax or have a beer. Below are some of my favorites. If you want to escape the tourists and experience the real Barcelona, these are the best addresses.

Plaça del Mercadal

This is the third square in Barcelona surrounded by arches, but the real highlight is the Sant Andreu market hall, located in the middle of the square and enclosed by the arches. The bars and restaurants surrounding the square complete the picture.

Metro: Sant Andreu (L1)

Plaça de Prim

This intimate square, with its white low houses and maritime atmosphere, best represents the fishing past of the Poblenou district. That’s why it’s also known as the fishermen’s square. A haven of peace just a stone’s throw from the beach. Be sure to eat at the fish restaurant Els Pescadors.

Metro: Poblenou (L4)

Plaça de la Virreina

This is one of my favorite squares in Gràcia, because it’s often a lot quieter than elsewhere in the neighborhood. Besides a few cozy terraces, this square also has a cute church; the Parròquia de Sant Joan Baptista de Gràcia, which completes the picture.

Metro: Fontana (L3) or Joanic (L4)

Plaça Eivissa

Just outside the center and near the mountains, you’ll find neighborhoods like Horta, which were formerly independent villages. In certain places, like Plaça Eivissa, time seems to stand still. The village atmosphere prevails here. People who come to Plaça Eivissa mostly live nearby and know each other. They use Plaça Eivissa as a meeting place. It’s a very quiet spot, surrounded by trees and cozy terraces. This used to be where the village market was held and the tram passed through. During your visit, try the croquetas from Quimet d’Horta or get some churros from the local xurreria.

Metro: Horta (L5)

Plaça de Masadas

Neighborhood residents of La Sagrera gather at the cozy Plaça de Masadas, characterized by its arches. Although it looks a bit more run-down than its counterpart Plaça Reial, this square has its own charm. Every first Sunday of the month, a (vintage) toy market is also held here.

Metro: Sagrera (L1, L5, L9N, L10)

Plaça de la Concòrdia

A surprisingly beautiful spot in the old part of Les Corts, with the church Parròquia de Santa Maria del Remei de les Corts as the main attraction. Don’t miss the beautiful modernist house of Can Deu, which served as the residence of the Deu family for decades but has been a community center since 1986. Two great places on this square are Fragments Café and El Maravillas.

Metro: Les Corts (L3)

Plaça d’Osca

Plaça d’Osca is a delightful place to sit on the terrace among the locals. Relatively unknown to tourists but no less beautiful! With several cozy terraces to sit and an excellent beer shop, Homo Sibaris, to quench your thirst.

Metro: Plaça de Sants (L1, L5)