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How To Travel To Barcelona

There are various ways to travel to Barcelona: by plane, car, bus, train, or even by boat during one of the many cruises that dock in Barcelona. The plane is usually the fastest and easiest way to travel to Barcelona: in just two to three hours, you can fly from most European airports to Barcelona. From the United States flight times to Barcelona are 7 to 12 hours. However if you are within Europe, traveling by car, train, or bus are also options to consider.

Flights To Barcelona Airport

Flying is the quickest way to travel from the Netherlands or Belgium to Barcelona. In just under two hours, you can fly from Schiphol or Brussels to Barcelona. Moreover, a city trip to Barcelona, including flight, doesn’t have to be expensive: many airlines nowadays offer affordable tickets, especially if you fly during the week. But before you book your flight tickets to Barcelona, I want to give you some useful tips.

Airports in Barcelona

Barcelona has one airport, El Prat Airport, which is abbreviated as BCN. Barcelona’s airport is located southwest of the city, about 18 kilometers from the center. From El Prat, you can easily travel to the center of Barcelona (for example, with the Aerobús).

Note: When you search for a flight to Barcelona, you might sometimes find offers for flights to Reus or Girona. These airports are not located in Barcelona itself, and it takes about an hour and a half to travel to the city of Barcelona with special buses. Often, the flight tickets to these airports are cheaper, so it’s worth considering.

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Flying to Barcelona: Tips & Tricks

  • While you can also fly to the airports of Reus or Girona, it’s advisable to fly directly to El Prat, the airport of Barcelona. Once at El Prat, you can quickly and easily get to your hotel by metro, bus, taxi, or train.
  • When booking, if possible, always choose seats on the right side of the plane: they often offer the best view over Barcelona during landing and takeoff. If the approach route is via the seaside, then you have a beautiful view of the city.
  • The flight to Barcelona takes about 2 hours. Sometimes your outbound or return flight is shorter due to favorable wind directions. For cheap flight tickets, it’s recommended to book as early as possible, at least 10 weeks in advance. Read here my tips for finding cheap flights to Barcelona.
  • Bonus tip: if you’re taking the Aerobús from the airport to the center, book your tickets in advance at Tiqets.