Sagrada Família Tickets

Almost every tourist who visits Barcelona makes a trip to the Sagrada Família, and this popularity is clearly reflected in the crowds around the church. Although you can admire the beauty of the Sagrada Família from the outside, it’s really worth buying tickets to visit the interior. Preferably with an audio guide to fully experience the magic of both the Sagrada Família and Gaudí’s work.

Since the number of visitors allowed into the Sagrada Família is limited and tickets are no longer sold at the box office, it’s crucial to purchase your Sagrada Família tickets online in advance. Make sure you have reserved your tickets online beforehand, or else you won’t be able to enter.

On this page, I will tell you exactly what types of admission tickets are available, how much they cost, and you can book them directly.

Some practical tips for your visit: print your tickets or show them on your smartphone, bring your ID card just in case, wear appropriate clothing, and be on time at the entrance. Once inside, you can walk around as long as you want and see everything.

Skip-the-line tickets Sagrada Família

Tickets for the Sagrada Família are now only available online. When ordering tickets for the Sagrada Família, you must choose a date and time. The advantage of this is that there are fewer queues, and you are guaranteed entry on the desired day and time.

Admission tickets are available from €26 per person (children from 0 to 10 years old have free access), but I always recommend choosing a combination ticket that includes a visit to the church, the towers, and an audio guide, although the costs are then higher. This is the best way to experience the Sagrada Família.

Note: children from 0 to 10 years old have free access, as do disabled persons with a recognized disability of 65% or higher (with one companion), members of ‘Friends of the Sagrada Família’, ‘ICOM’, ‘Barcelona Press’, and the unemployed on Wednesday evenings. Discounts are available for students and retirees. If you are with a group of 10 or more people, choose a special group tour. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Sagrada Família Towers Tickets

You can climb the towers on the Nativity Façade and the Passion Façade during your visit. For example, you can take the elevator halfway up the towers for a great view of the city and to see the church under construction below you.

When ordering your tickets for the towers, you must choose between the Tower of the Passion Façade or the Nativity Façade. Both are beautiful to see, although the highest point you can reach is on the Passion Façade. The Nativity Façade, however, has the longest bridge between the towers to walk over.

Which tower you should visit depends on your wishes, availability, and whether you have visited one of the towers before. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit both towers at the same time during your visit to the Sagrada Família.

Note: children under 6 years old are not allowed to climb the towers, and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The ascent to the towers is by elevator, but the descent is on foot along a narrow spiral staircase. The towers are therefore not suitable for people with limited mobility. The towers may close due to weather conditions or for maintenance reasons. If they are closed, you will get your money back.

Sagrada Família Guided Tours

A great way to visit the Sagrada Família is with a professional guide. The ticket price includes the guide, and this way, you learn much more about the history of the building and the life of Gaudí. You can choose to book the tour with or without a visit to the towers.

Tours are offered in several languages. A tour inside the Sagrada Família lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes (1 hour and 50 minutes with a visit to the towers).

Bundle Discount Including Sagrada Família Tickets

For additional savings, you can also opt to purchase an online bundle discount including Sagrada Família tickets, especially if you also plan to visit Park Güell or other Gaudí houses. Check out the bundle discounts below to make the most of your visit to Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sagrada Família Tickets

How can I buy tickets for the Sagrada Família?

You can buy tickets for the Sagrada Família through the basilica’s official website, authorized online ticket outlets, or in Barcelona.

What are the ticket prices?

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of ticket. For adults, prices may be around 30-40 euros, with often discounts for children, seniors, students, and groups. Extras such as audio guides or a guide may incur additional costs.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, there are often discounts available for students, seniors, families, and groups. The exact discounts and conditions may vary, so it’s advisable to consult the official website for the most current information.

What is the best time to visit the Sagrada Família?

The least busy times to visit the Sagrada Família are usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It’s also advisable to visit during the week to avoid weekend crowds.

Do I need to reserve in advance?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to reserve tickets online in advance, especially during the high season, as the Sagrada Família has limited access and tickets can sell out quickly. Moreover, you can no longer buy entry tickets at the box office.

Are there special guided tours available?

Yes, there are often special guided tours available, providing extra insight into the history and architecture of the Sagrada Família. These tours may have separate costs.

What is included in the ticket price?

The standard ticket price includes access to the basilica itself, the museum, and the former school building, plus an audio guide that you can use during your visit. If you want to visit the towers, there are additional costs.

How can I get an audio guide?

By downloading the official Sagrada Família app, you can listen to the audio guide. This lasts about 45 minutes and is available in multiple languages.

Are there cancellation or change policies?

The cancellation and change policies may vary depending on where you bought your tickets. It’s important to check the terms when booking your tickets.

Are there special events or temporary exhibitions?

The Sagrada Família may organize special events or temporary exhibitions during certain periods. These may require separate tickets, so check the official website for details on current events and exhibitions.