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When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

What is the best time to travel for a city trip to Barcelona” is one of the first questions tourists have when booking a trip to Barcelona. In my opinion, spring and autumn are the best times to visit Barcelona, but since a trip to Barcelona is always possible, I have listed all the pros and cons of each season in this post, so you can know what happens and make a good choice.

A Year in Barcelona

A lot happens in Barcelona in a year: the long summers with sultry evenings, autumn with its mild temperatures, sunny winters with clear blue skies, or springs, when the city is in full bloom.

However you look at it, the sun almost always shines in Barcelona, and the mild temperatures make it a pleasant place to be. This makes a city trip to Barcelona possible in any season.

But because there are, aside from the weather and climate, other factors that can strongly influence your trip, I have listed a summary of all travel periods with their pros and cons.

This way, you can know when is the best time to travel to Barcelona: in summer, autumn, winter, or spring.

Visiting Barcelona in the Summer

Summers in Barcelona are hot and humid. From June to September, temperatures in Barcelona are above 20-25 degrees, and it’s very warm on the streets.

This means you have to take extreme heat into account, for example, by going out early in the morning and late in the evening and taking a siesta in the afternoon.

The nice thing about Barcelona is that the city has a beautiful city beach and many public swimming pools, which provide the necessary cooling.

You can also go to the chiringuito, the Spanish beach bar, or have a drink on a terrace.

Beach in Barcelona during the summer
Beach in Barcelona during the summer

Advantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Summer

  • In the summer, you can lie on the beach and go to the chiringuito (beach bar).
  • Many festivals are organized in the summer, such as Sant Joan, La Mercè, and Festa Major de Gràcia.
  • You can go to the open-air cinema in the summer.
  • You can go shopping during the summer sales.

Disadvantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Summer

  • It is high season, so there are many tourists in the city.
  • Long queues at major attractions.
  • Accommodation prices are more expensive.
  • The extreme heat during the day, which limits your activities.
  • Many locals go on vacation outside the city, causing many shops to be closed.
Festa Major de Gràcia Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona in the Autumn

The mild autumn, which is starting later and later, is the time to go for walks in the nearby forests, looking for mushrooms and chestnuts.

During the autumn months of October and November, the temperature fluctuates between 20 and 15 degrees, and the sunny weather is interspersed with occasional showers.

There are fewer tourists in the city, so you have it all to yourself.

The arrival of autumn is celebrated in Barcelona in a special way, with a festival called Castanyada. More and more Halloween parties are also organized, and it’s the time to visit the cemetery and honor the dead.

Buying Panellets – Castanyada in Barcelona

Advantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Autumn

  • In autumn, you can take beautiful forest walks in the area.
  • You can experience the chestnut festival, the Castanyada.
  • You can buy football tickets for La Liga and see Barça play in Camp Nou.
  • You can catch beautiful sunsets.
  • At the end of November, the city starts to get into the Christmas spirit.

Disadvantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Autumn

  • It can rain in the autumn.
  • The days are getting shorter, so you have fewer hours of sunshine.
Autumn in Barcelona
Autumn in Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona in the Winter

Unlike some Northern European countries, for example, winters in Barcelona are quite mild and sunny. Temperatures average around 10 degrees, and the sky is clear blue, although it can also be cold and rainy.

This offers plenty of opportunities to be outside and to do outdoor sports. Think of a bike ride along the coast or the vineyards, enjoying a terrace for some tapas or a vermut, and even going skiing in the Pyrenees.

During Christmas, everything is pulled out of the closet to celebrate the holidays. All streets and houses in Barcelona are beautifully decorated, and you can go all out with your Christmas shopping. There is also a lot for children to experience.

In winter, there is also an onion festival called calçotada. Family and friends gather to eat calçots (a type of soft onion from Valls) prepared on the barbecue and served with a special sauce.

Christmas in Barcelona
Christmas in Barcelona

Advantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Winter

  • Outside of Christmas, the winter period is low season, which means fewer tourists and cheaper flights and hotels.
  • With the sun, you can get plenty of vitamin D and skip the winter blues.
  • You can experience special events like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Carnival.
  • You can go shopping during the winter sales.
  • You can eat calçots.
  • You can go skiing in the Pyrenees.

Disadvantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Winter

  • The days are shorter, so you have to plan your activities well.
  • It is the coldest season, but still relatively mild by Northern European standards.
Platja de Sant Miquel
Platja de Sant Miquel

Visiting Barcelona in the Spring

As I mentioned earlier, spring is one of the best times to visit Barcelona. The pleasant weather and the days getting longer make it a very suitable time to travel.

During spring, we enjoy sunny days in Barcelona with temperatures around 15 and 20 degrees. The ideal temperature to be outside and sit on a terrace!

You can see and do a lot during your city trip without having to stand in line for hours, as it is generally not yet very busy with tourists.

Barcelona is also in full bloom, making it extra nice to visit the parks and city gardens.

An important event that takes place in the spring is Sant Jordi, the day of lovers in Catalonia, where people give books and roses as gifts.

Advantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Spring

  • In the spring, you can take beautiful walks outside, for example, along the beach or in the Collserola mountains.
  • The city is in full bloom, and this is evident in the parks and gardens.
  • You can experience events like Sant Jordi, Semana Santa, and Easter in Barcelona.
  • It’s the best time for a bike ride in and around Barcelona.
  • The first music festivals of the season take place.

Disadvantages of Visiting Barcelona in the Spring

  • Accommodation prices are more expensive, especially during Semana Santa.
  • It can rain in the spring.
Mona de Pasqua - Heilige Week in Barcelona
Mona de Pasqua

Conclusion: What is the Best Time to Travel to Barcelona?

As I mentioned earlier, spring and autumn are, in my opinion, the best times to travel to Barcelona. This is for several reasons, but mainly because:

  • There’s a good chance of nice weather without it being too cold or too hot on the streets.
  • More opportunities to do fun things outdoors.
  • Outside of vacation periods, there are fewer tourists and no long queues at attractions.
  • A greater chance to experience the real Barcelona of the locals, including local festivals and events that take place then.

Now that you know when is the best time to travel to Barcelona, I’m curious: which period would you choose to travel to Barcelona and why? Leave your comment below in the comments!

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