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Plaça de Prim, the Fishermen’s Square of Barcelona

Barcelona is full of plazas, some cozier than others, or then again quieter or busier. Plaça de Prim belongs to one of the most atmospheric and quiet squares in the city. It is mainly noticeable for its large trees and maritime appearance. Plaça de Prim is also known as the fishermen’s square, the Plaça dels Pescadors.

Plaça de Prim Barcelona
Plaça de Prim Barcelona

The Fishermen’s Square

Plaça de Prim is actually a small square just a stone’s throw away from the sea and the Rambla del Poblenou. Built around 1851, it was the meeting place of fishermen and factory workers from the neighborhood. After the death of General Prim, former Count of Reus, in an attack, back in 1870, the square was renamed. However, it continued to be known as the Fishermen’s Square in popular parlance.

Plaça dels Pescadors in Barcelona
Plaça dels Pescadors in Barcelona

On Plaça de Prim, alias Plaça dels Pescadors, you can still see the oldest houses in the neighborhood (from the 19th century) where the fishermen once lived. It is a simple and charming place: cute white low houses, quiet streets, and in the middle of the square, three imposing old knotty bellasombra trees, some benches to sit on, a fountain, and a fish restaurant. This is also the only place in Barcelona where there is no asphalt; instead, you see a cobbled street. A true oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city. The fishing past of El Poblenou immediately becomes visible here, and the old village atmosphere and maritime character make this one of the most atmospheric places in the city.

White houses at Plaça de Prim Barcelona
White houses at Plaça de Prim Barcelona

To this day, Plaça de Prim remains one of the favorite meeting places of the local residents, who have a very intense cultural and social life. The nice thing about this place is that it has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. You can often sit on a bench in the shade in peace and enjoy all the beautiful impressions and details. And if you start to get hungry, you can always visit the emblematic restaurant Els Pescadors, where you will be treated to the tastiest local fish and rice dishes.

Restaurant Els Pescadors
Restaurant Els Pescadors

Near Plaça de Prim, there are also many other interesting sights to see. For relaxation, you can go to Bogatell beach or walk among the locals and sit on the terrace at Rambla del Poblenou (my tip is to have lunch at El 58). Another interesting place near Plaça de Prim is the liquor store Licorería C. Ferreres (Carrer Taulat, 91), where a parrot used to stand outside the store in the late 1950s. The parrot, known as ‘El Lloro del 36’, often shouted “borracho, borracho” (“drunkard, drunkard”) and learned to perfectly imitate the tram’s whistle, which had its last stop here. This naturally caused problems, as the trams often departed prematurely because of the parrot. ‘El Lloro del 36’ was dissected after his death and is now still in his cage in the liquor store. The same parrot was used as inspiration for the small giant that accompanies the gegants of Poblenou, Bernat and Maria, at all neighborhood festivals.

Practical Information

  • What: Visit Plaça dels Pescadors (the Fishermen’s Square)
  • Where: Plaça de Prim
  • Metro: Llacuna (L4)

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