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Supermarkets in Barcelona

If you live in Barcelona or are temporarily visiting the city and staying in an apartment, chances are you’ll need to do some grocery shopping. But which supermarkets in Barcelona are recommended? What kind of products can you find there and how are the prices? In this post, I’ll show you the options available for grocery shopping and provide you with a handy list of the most well-known supermarket chains here in Barcelona.

Grocery Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a wide range of supermarkets, from small neighborhood stores to large hypermarkets. Generally, most locals do their shopping at the local market and supermarket, often on multiple days of the week. This allows you to buy one product at one store and another product at another.

Additionally, as a consumer, thanks to the large variety of shops and supermarkets, you can make a better choice for your daily groceries, whether you prefer to buy sustainably and ecologically or quickly and cheaply. In Barcelona, there’s something for everyone!

Grocery Shopping in Barcelona
Grocery shopping in Barcelona

15 Best Supermarkets in Barcelona

As a resident of Barcelona, I’ve visited many supermarkets and have my favorites. Below, I’ll introduce you to the most well-known supermarket chains in Barcelona and what you can find there.


Caprabo is one of the oldest supermarket chains in Spain, founded in 1959. It offers a wide range of products, including fresh food, dairy products, household items, and more. Caprabo is known for its regular offers and discounts for customers.


Dia is a discount supermarket known for its low prices. It mainly offers basic food items and household goods. Dia stores are often smaller than other supermarkets and have a simple layout.

Dia Supermarket Barcelona
Dia Supermarket


Mercadona is one of the largest and most well-known supermarket chains in Spain, offering a wide range of products from both own-brand and well-known brands. They also have a large selection of fresh products, including fresh bread, cold cuts, fish, and ready-made meals. Mercadona is known for its good price-quality ratio, but in my opinion, they lack some products in their assortment.


Condis is a Catalan supermarket chain with several locations in Barcelona. Condis is known for its emphasis on customer satisfaction and shopping convenience. It offers a mix of local and international products.

Fish department at Condis in Barcelona
Fish department at Condis in Barcelona


Another Catalan supermarket chain is Bonpreu. This supermarket also focuses on sustainability and local products, offering a wide range of products from fresh food to dry goods and household items.

Ametller Origen

Ametller Origen is a supermarket known for its focus on local and organic products. The emphasis is on quality and healthy food options. Their stores always look impeccable and offer a wide range of fresh products, delicacies, and ready-made meals.

This is without a doubt my favorite supermarket, although the prices here are a bit higher than average.

Ametller Origen Supermarket Barcelona
Ametller Origen Supermarket


Veritas is the largest organic supermarket chain. Ideal for the conscious consumer. At Veritas, you’ll find a wide range of organic and natural products. This supermarket focuses on sustainability and ethical production practices.

In addition to food, Veritas also sells ecological household and personal care products.

Veritas Supermarket Barcelona
Veritas Supermarket


Consum is a regional supermarket chain mainly active in Valencia and Catalonia but also present in other parts of Spain. Consum is known for its emphasis on customer service and loyalty programs for frequent shoppers. Consum focuses on offering a wide range of products, including fresh foods, household items, and toiletries. By joining this supermarket, you can earn points and get discounts.

Sorli Discau

Sorli Discau is a supermarket chain mainly active in Catalonia, with stores in Barcelona and surrounding areas. It is known for its focus on quality, variety, and competitive prices. Sorli Discau offers a wide range of products, including fresh produce, dry goods, household items, and more. The supermarket also has its own brand product line, providing customers with an affordable alternative to well-known brands.


Alcampo is a hypermarket and supermarket chain that is part of the French retail group Auchan. This supermarket offers a wide range of products, including food, clothing, electronics, and household items. Alcampo stores are often spacious and offer a wide variety of products, making them attractive for families and larger purchases.


Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the world, with a strong presence in Spain. The assortment includes food products, clothing, electronics, household items, and more. Carrefour is known for its diverse range and regular promotions and discounts for customers.

In addition to hypermarket formats, Carrefour also has smaller-sized supermarkets, called Carrefour Market, which focus more on daily groceries.

Ham- department at Carrefour in Barcelona
Ham- department at Carrefour in Barcelona


BonÀrea has built a strong reputation in Catalonia for the quality of its products. BonÀrea is particularly known for its meat products, including fresh meat, charcuterie, and other meats, which come directly from their suppliers. By having control over the entire supply chain, BonÀrea can guarantee the quality of its products and keep costs low. In addition to meat, BonÀrea offers a wide range of other products, including fresh produce, dry goods, dairy products, and more.

La Sirena

La Sirena is a special supermarket because they mainly sell frozen products. This Spanish supermarket chain offers a wide range of frozen foods, including fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, ready-made meals, snacks, and desserts.


The well-known German low-cost supermarket Lidl is also present in Barcelona. Here you’ll find both fresh groceries and household items at competitive prices. Lidl is known for its extensive selection of own-brand products, known as “Lidl house brands,” which often offer good value for money.

Lidl is also known for its weekly offers and promotions, where customers can often buy various products at greatly reduced prices. These offers range from fresh food to electronics and other household items.


Another German supermarket chain that can be found in Barcelona is Aldi. Aldi is known for its focus on quality products at affordable prices. The assortment is often limited to the most popular brands and own-brand products, making the shopping experience simple and efficient.

Due to the German origin of the company, there are often German influences in the assortment, with seasonal products and special offers.

Tips for Grocery Shopping in Barcelona

Finally, I’d like to give you some tips for when you go to the supermarket in Barcelona:

  • Most people do their shopping with a shopping cart, but usually, it is not allowed to bring it into the supermarket and is tethered to a cord.
  • The opening hours of supermarkets in Barcelona are generally generous (from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM), but they are closed on Sundays.
  • Some supermarkets, such as Carrefour Express and BonÀrea, have extended opening hours and are also open on Sundays. Additionally, there are many small neighborhood supermarkets that are open 24 hours a day.
  • Many supermarkets have a fresh department where fish, meat, and deli meats are sold, and ready-made meals are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Some items may be packaged in a plastic box for security.
  • You can pay at the supermarket with cash, your debit card, or credit card. In some supermarkets, self-scanners are also available, but generally, everyone lines up at the checkout.
  • Many supermarkets offer special discounts to members, so it can be worthwhile to become a member if you often shop at the same supermarket.
  • These days, it is possible to order your groceries online and have them delivered to your home. Many supermarkets also offer a delivery service for your groceries.
Shopping carts parked at the supermarket in Barcelona
Shopping carts parked at the supermarket in Barcelona

Have you ever been to the supermarket in Barcelona, and what did you think of it? I’d love to hear your comments!

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