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Walking Tour in Gràcia

The cozy and bohemian district of Gràcia is one of my favorite places in Barcelona. Its many small specialty stores, trendy boutiques, art galleries, bars, and worldly restaurants make Gràcia an incredibly inspiring place to be. I love coming here to stroll from square to square, eat at one of the many terraces, or just browse around in the shops. This old village in the middle of the city never gets boring and is always a source of inspiration for me (and many others). Today, I take you on a tour in Gràcia and introduce you to some of my favorite addresses and all the must-sees in the neighborhood.

My Walking Tour in Gràcia

My tour in the Gràcia district starts, unsurprisingly, at its most famous attraction: Gaudí’s Park Güell (1). You can buy tickets to enter the monumental part of the park, or just walk around surroundings and enjoy one of the best views of the city. Then, we head downhill, passing by the interactive Gaudí Experience (2) and the hidden Santuari de Sant Josep de la Muntanya (3), a neo-Romanesque church with modernist elements, surrounded by a convent often overlooked by tourists.

Gaudí’s dragon staircase in Park Güell
Gaudí’s dragon staircase in Park Güell

Once we reach Travessera de Dalt, we leave the most touristic part of Gràcia behind us, but not without first visiting Casa Vicens, the fantastic summer residence Gaudí built for the Vicens family. Along the way, we pass some beautiful modernista-style buildings, like Cases Ramos (4) and Cases Antoni Pars (5). At Casa Vicens (6), you can once again enjoy the magic of Gaudí.

We then return to the busy shopping street Carrer Gran de Gràcia (7) to discover the first traces of Gràcia’s rural past. At the charming Plaça de Trilla (8), marked by its palm trees and the modernist Casa Homet with its beautiful stained glass windows, lies the old 16th-century farmhouse Can Trilla (9), from which the square gets its name.

Then turn left at Carrer d’Astúries to enter the old village core of Gràcia. The streets here become narrower and often pedestrian-only, making it ideal for walking with children. You’ll likely be overwhelmed by the abundance of cozy cafes and unique, often sustainable, eco-friendly, and/or organic stores. A few personal recommendations are Macchina Pasta Bar (10) for fresh Italian pasta, Barcelona Reykjavik (11) for tasty bread (note: Barcelona Reykjavik is now closed), Woki Organic Market (12) for responsible and organic groceries, and Olokuti’s store (13) for gifts and children’s clothing, with a beautiful (and secret) backyard where you can relax. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you must visit Lukumas (14), where you can find Barcelona’s best donuts.

Museum Casa Vicens in Barcelona
Museum Casa Vicens

Next, we begin our journey through the maze of streets in Gràcia and its countless squares, each with its own terrace where you can sit and relax. The first square we visit is Plaça del Diamant (15), named after the most published and translated Catalan novel of all time; La Plaça del Diamant by Mercè Rodoreda. A bronze statue in the square reminds us of this. A little further is the even quieter Plaça de la Virreina (16), with the church of Sant Joan de Gràcia as its focal point.

We then visit one of my favorite streets in Gràcia: Carrer Verdi (17). Here you’ll find a variety of small-scale restaurants from all over the world, clothing stores with designer items, quaint souvenir shops, and art galleries. But the best part are the cinema halls of Cine Verdi (18), one of the few in the city that shows films in their original version with Spanish subtitles. We now arrive at Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre 1868 (19), where an underground Civil War shelter is located that you can visit by appointment. Also, on this square, there’s a delicious Italian ice cream shop and several cozy terraces to grab a drink and a bite, although my absolute favorite is Granja Chocolateria La Nena (20), where you can order treats like churros con chocolate.

Vila de Gràcia - Gràcia Barcelona
Vila de Gràcia

We now walk past the market where the locals do their shopping, the Mercat de L’Abaceria Central (21), and turn left at Carrer Siracusa to see the old chimney of the cotton factory Vapor Nou (22) from 1839. Coffee lovers can take a break at Syra (23) or order a coffee to go.

Next, we visit the central square and the ultimate meeting place for locals: Plaça de la Vila (24). With its towering clock tower and the beautiful old blue town hall, this is one of the nicest squares in Gràcia. The nearby Plaça del Sol (25) is another popular gathering spot. It’s especially frequented by young people in the evenings and on weekends. Also, on this square, you’ll find the beautiful and striking modernist green house of Casa Ricard Mestres. After a lap around this sunny square, we continue our walk to visit the second market in the area; the Mercat de la Llibertat (26). Browse around in this modernist market hall and visit the surrounding shops to discover the local market and its people.

At the end of the street, we arrive at Plaça de Placídia (27), a beautiful green space where locals come to relax. Along Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel, we encounter the oldest bar in Gràcia: Bar El Roble (28), which has been around since 1889 and has retained its authentic atmosphere. The place is always full of locals who come here to meet, eat tapas, or watch Barça matches.

And from the atmospheric and authentic bars, we arrive at the chic Passeig de Gràcia, where we can admire one of the most luxurious examples of Modernism in Barcelona; Casa Fuster (29) by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Then we walk back into the neighborhood to pass one of the nicest souvenir and gift shops, Be Store (30). We finish the tour enjoying some tapas and a glass of wine at La Pepita (31), a modern restaurant and vermutería where you can sit and relax after this beautiful walk through the Gràcia district.

Map of My Gràcia Walking Tour

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