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Jardins Muñoz Ramonet: a Hidden City Garden

Since last month, the doors of the previously hidden Jardins Muñoz Ramonet have been opened to the public. With the opening of this green oasis, Carrer Muntaner is beautified, revealing one of the city’s best-kept secrets. In my opinion, this is a great reason to take a trip through the chic district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. If you’re curious about this hidden city garden and why you should visit, read on!

Jardins Muñoz Ramonet: a Hidden City Garden
Jardins Muñoz Ramonet: a Hidden City Garden

Visit Jardins Muñoz Ramonet

Jardins Muñoz Ramonet is located behind the gates of an imposing palace from the early 20th century, in the middle of Carrer Muntaner. It quickly stands out as one of the few houses with a garden in this busy street. Inside, besides the stately palace, there is also a beautiful garden, which has been restored to its original form. Access is free, and since this is not yet a well-known place among tourists, you can still sit among the locals who come here to relax, or other locals who, like me, are curious about the famous gardens of the house of Mr. Muñoz Ramonet.

Julio Muñoz Ramonet was the last resident of this palace. A self-made businessman with a lot of power and money during the Franco dictatorship, he left this house and part of his possessions to the city as an inheritance. The reason why it took so long for us to visit the gardens is due to the daughters of Muñoz Ramonet, who had kept their father’s wish a secret for all these years.

Jardins Muñoz Ramonet Barcelona - An Oasis of Tranquility for the Locals
Jardins Muñoz Ramonet Barcelona – An Oasis of Tranquility for the Locals

But let’s go back to where we left off: Jardins Muñoz Ramonet. These historic gardens were commissioned by Ferran Fabra i Puig, the second Marquis of Alella, an industrial magnate and mayor of Barcelona (1922-1923), and designed by the famous landscape architect Jean-Claude-Nicolas Forestier in 1916. The palace, built between 1912 and 1914, was designed by architect Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia, and was named Palau del Marquès d’Alella. Julio Muñoz Ramonet has owned the palace since 1945 and had the garden reformed by the landscape architect Joan Mirambell i Ferran in 1956. He created, among other things, a swimming pool and planted new vegetation.

Palau del Marquès d'Alella
Palau del Marquès d’Alella

What we now see is the garden in its original state, with the associated vegetation, small ponds, and the beautiful sculptures by Josep Dunyach i Sala, Josep Cañas i Cañas, and Vincenç Navarro Romero. A tastefully decorated garden of the bourgeoisie from the early 20th century.

Beautiful sculptures at Jardins Muñoz Ramonet
Beautiful sculptures at Jardins Muñoz Ramonet
The place where the swimming pool once was is now a pond
The place where the swimming pool once was is now a pond
The second building in the back, a mystery
The second building in the back, a mystery

I recommend a walk around this city garden to everyone: the small ponds with their fountains, the many sculptures and fine details, the birds and butterflies that hang from the trees, and the abundant greenery are a delight for the eyes and mind. A route around the palace leads you deeper into the garden and shows you all the corners around the house, which, besides the central palace, has a second building in the back (unfortunately in a somewhat worse condition). And although the palace is locked, you can take a peek through the glass door at the main entrance to catch a glimpse of its beautiful halls, even though they now look a bit spooky.

You can also peek inside, although it looks a bit spooky
You can also peek inside, although it looks a bit spooky

Practical Information

  • What: Visit Jardins Muñoz Ramonet
  • Where: Carrer Muntaner, 282-288
  • Metro: Diagonal (L3 and L5), Muntaner (L6) When: Daily from 10:00 until sunset
  • Price: Free

Tip: All plants have a sign with the name of the species; great for nature lovers!

Note: Only the gardens are open to the public, the palace remains closed for now.

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